Documentation (English)

If you want to create your event in Pyramidia for the first time, please follow these steps:

1. Go to and click on “Sign up”.
sign up2

2. Click on “Create an Account”.
create an account

3. Add your information and click on “Sign Up Free”.
sign up free

4. Click on “Create New Event”.
create new event

5. Add a title to your event, a brief and easy-to-remember event code and a description. Then click on “Create Event”.
create event

6. To add your entrants (person or item which attendees will be voting on), click on “Create New Entrant”.
create new entrant

7. Add a name, description and image for your entrant and then click on “Create New Entrant”. Repeat for every entrant.
create new entrant2

8. When you finished adding your entrants, click on the “Details” tab and then click on “Open Voting”
open voting

9. Now you can invite your attendees to download Pyramidia app and start voting! You can see the voting results in your Pyramidia app, after you join your event with your event code.

You can close voting at any time by clicking on the “close voting” button.